New Utility Release - Location Manager Free

Thanks for your interest, and great question.

Doing surgery like this on the MSFS UI to insert some additional useful functionality is delicate work, and we’re also constrained from doing some things by the design of it. One of the constraints, which I came across investigating export/import for New Utility Release - Aircraft Manager Free , is it appears you can’t open a save file dialog as you would on windows.

Another one is you can’t have unlimited storage of custom data. While persistant data is written to the savegame which is cloud synced (via Asobo dev, see ref below), for safety reasons there will be a size limit imposed on the number of saved locations. Probably 100 to 200, initially, just to keep things within the bounds of safety. I’ll adjust this as more data comes in and I get more clarity on the limits as to what can be safely done.

I recognise export/import is a both a useful backup feature and also has utility for loading different sets of custom content, especially if there is a size limit on storage, so I’m still looking into this aspect as to how it might be done despite the limitations I’ve found so far.

I have some ideas on this, but they need to be prototyped and tested to validate the approach.

So at the moment, the best I can say is…maybe?


answered • 1 hour ago

The JS Datastore writes to the savegame which is cloud synced. I don’t believe there are restrictions to it on Xbox.
One piece of advice: Writing too much data into one key:value pair can corrupt the savegame. I don’t know the exact limit but I would try to stay under 200 characters per value to be safe :wink: