New Video to help with TM HOTAS-ONE Xbox

I know that lots of people are having trouble setting bindings with the Thrusmaster Hotas-one, especially given the fact that the button description doesn’t match up with what is pressed. I promise that it is possible to bind almost all the inputs correctly with a little patience. The sensitivity still can’t be saved but apart from that this is a great video and shows in depth how to manually bind the buttons. Watch it properly and pay attention especially when he’s re-binding the elevator trim to the rocker switch. This is how to effectively bind actions to buttons and it does work. I hope that this helps those of you who are still struggling to get their head around how to bind the buttons. Hopefully this is fixed soon so the apparently “fully supported control method” is actually fully supported.


Nice but MS should even set the STANDARD config at MFS. Im not willing to configure everything by myself. Thrustmaster is a official product (Hotas One) so pls work on this bug.