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Hallo Simfreunde. Ich benutze einen zweiten Bildschirm. Wer kann bitte mir sagen, wie ich ein neues Fenster aufmachen kann, diese lösen und auf den 2. Bildschirm ziehen ??. Danke, Jamal

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Hello Simfreunde. I use a second screen. Who can please tell me how to open a new window, loosen it and drag it to the 2nd screen ??. Thank you, Jamal

Hi @nizartillo.

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To answer your question, at the moment you can’t open new windows as you could in FSX. You can, however, open your main window in windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter (I think), which you can then stretch over multiple windows.

Do you mean opening a instrument panel and putting that on another screen ?

If you hold AltGr (right alt button) while clicking on a screen in the cockpit, the screen will pop-out and you can drag it to the second screen.

All menu screens (VFR map and other menus) can be popped out using the arrow button on the title bar.


Ich habe noch ein Problem. Im FSX konnte ich das NAVLOG direkt ausdrucken. Im Neuen weiss ich nicht wie es geht!

imho it doesnt work oder auf gut deutsch: funzt nicht …


Danke Pieter.
Kann ich im Neuen das ganze Cockpit auf ein anderes Screen schieben und somit freie Sicht im Hauptscreen. Danke

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Really thanks for that info, I was starting to think it was impossible in this version. I’ll have to try it out the next time I fly.

Now I’ve learned 3 new things in the last 2 days… I missed printed manuals :wink:

Bitte Sprechen sie Engels Danke. He might understand it now.

Okay Ive tried it out. Now here’s my problem with this feature. In the older versions of FS when you popped out the window the whole (gps etc) popped ie control / function keys popped as well, when you do it in this version you still have to go into the cockpit to push buttons because they dont pop out with the screen. So in essence your not popping the instrument your only popping out the screen.

Am I still missing something here or is that the way it is? If not what am I missing and If it is then I want to request a new feature … the whole instrument pop out in a future release and not just the screen.

Hallo Pieter. I am very glad to have the new fs. But I am very disapointed for tow things: As I wrote bevor, I cannot print the Navlog. And I cannot move the cockpit to the second screen. I only hope that somebody from the developercrew can read the Forum and give patent replys. I think, these are very important features and musthave in the genious new FS.

To get your cockpit on the other display this is the work around.
1 go into the games options and choose video…
2 change your resolution to windowed mode
3 hit apply (and maybe save I forget)
4 now your in window mode … drag the cockpit window over to the other screen
5 go in the games options choose video options and make it full screen again.
6. click apply and save and go back into your game.

Clicking Alt+Enter will do the same :slight_smile:

Hallo. Now I know how to print the Navlog. When someboda wants to know how it works, so please tell me. I shall then describe what to do. Jamal

Hallo Schwachjester. 1. das hat mit alt+enter nicht fuktioniert. Da ich der ganze FS zum nächsten Monitor gewandert. das hilft nicht.
2. Wo finde die viedeo-optionen ?? Danke, Jamal