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Now in the MSFS marketplace!

This is the Wittman Tailwind Collection. This features 2 versions of the famous small homebuilt planes that were designed by Steve Wittman, a famous air racer, aircraft and air racer designer, and famous ‘manager’ of the airport ‘Wittman Field’ also known as Oshkosh.

This package features 2 versions of planes, the older W-8 model, and the newer W-10… The W-8 features an older style instrument panel while the W-10 features a high technology instrument panel. The interiors are similar but different, and each interior has its own ‘theme’ of colors and materials. There are TWENTY NINE different Liveries, lol…

These are very small planes, like little ‘Speedsters’. The small wings are all wood like on a Bellanca where they are wood ribbing and wood skins. Very aerodynamic, very liteweight, no rivets and seams. These feature the mini 7 GAL AUX tanks in the wings, as well as the main center tank. The package also includes a neat Camping kit of 2 tents and 2 chairs and a nice little fire pit. They are illuminated at night. Use the Lantern light to turn the glowing fire pit and lanterns on. (Lanterns hang under the wings when Camping Mode is active).

A cool manual shows you how everything works, explains things including autopilot functionalities and click zones, etc. You can download the manual here;

The W-8 is more of a slower classic, while the W-10 is quite fast, having an engine like the E330 aerobatics plane has.

Note that your stall speed will be higher then normal planes as you have small wings. If you are going to check your stall speeds, note that ‘fully laden’ (full of fuel) is 65 knots. Half tanks will be 10 knots under that. Really lite, and she will usually mush down, but she will wing over as well.

These were very fun to make and tune. I wanted them to be fun planes and didnt try to make them ‘nearly’ impossible to fly, but fun to fly. Entry level.

Be sure to check out the Checklist system if you get them. The Checklist will show you exterior check points for preflight (click the eye symbols), and it will show you where key controls are that you need to know about. Its like a ‘tutorial’ page in the Checklist for familiarization of the new pilot.

The control rods in the back windows are the flaps and ailerons control rods.

Hope you have fun flying them. They are snappy. With such small wings, roll is quick. You can do quick small control bursts like a E330. Light, fast, and nimble.

Happy flights and God Bless,

Lionheart Creations


These are some of the paint schemes of the package. There are 29 Liveries in the dual package. Some are vintage looking, and some are the latest paint schemes that builders are using.

Hello XBox Pilots…

I just wanted to let you all know that the Wittman Tailwind went on sale this weekend for XBox.

Happy flights!