New York City

To the right is southern Manhattan, with the Ferry Terminal in front of the white building on the far right, the Freedom Tower where the WTC once stood, and Battery Park is the southern waterfront. Jersey City, New Jersey is on the left, and we almost got an apartment there. Given what happened with real estate in 2008, in hindsight that would have been a much better thing to do.

Flying up the East River, the UN is on the left and in front right is Roosevelt Island. The 59th Street bridge attaches it to Manhattan, along with a gondola lift that is in the scenery (this is not stock), but not visible in the shot.

The black building mid-screen, and in Midtown is known as One Penn Plaza, or just One Penn and was my office when I lived and worked in NYC. The block immediately south is Madison Square Garden, but not visible in the photo. The taller building to the left is the Empire State, though it’s “head” got cutoff in the shot.

Lots of things to love about living and working here, but not at all unhappy to be gone. Especially considering what is happening there now, we won’t be moving back! But I’ll enjoy it in MSFS whenever I want…

I’ll probably post some more later!