Newbie question - Learning to fly beyond the Cesna

Another tip: ignore ZealousTen0639 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I never experienced the KDS and nor did many others. Sure, there are bugs, but again, more than enough planes are perfectly flyable: focus on those and enjoy your purchase. Like I do every single day. Best money ever spend when it comes to flight sim. (Imho)


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Never had a problem with 172 AP.


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Bring on the “Fanboys”!

If you want to make the next step to complex, retractable-gear aircraft, the Bonanza G36 is really nice with these two mods:

Ignore the troll; you can enjoy lots of great flights. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


As everyone has said, no training in the sim, but if you pull out charts, plates, handbooks, and other offline resources, it is possible and extremely enjoyable. I’m all IFR in the C208B and it works like a charm. It’s not one of the big airliners, but i feel like I’m earning my wings as I become more proficient in its operation, I learn something new every day.

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Be so nice if they made one with floats… :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Youtube is what you want to be looking at. There are videos on individual planes, navigation, gps systems, flight planning and optimizing the game/windows. With optimizations though keep in mind that you shouldn’t just blindly follow someone elses settings or suggestions. You need to try each setting and test it on YOUR system. Some of them work on my set up, some don’t. And some things that are supposed to be better are worse for me.

As for planes, my go to most of the time is the 172 with gps. After that would be the TBM and that little twin engine Diamond. The citation jet is a little more complicated and there isn’t much info on it on youtube that I could find. And the twin engine beechcraft is a bit more complicated as well, but not much.

The airliners can be pretty complicated and have some issues. I don’t fly them much. I can get in and fly the 747 and land it though. It isn’t broken to the point you can’t use it. It just doesn’t work like it should.

I’m enjoying the Kingair 350i at the moment. Just can’t get wind / weather info on screens :confused:

All planes are “flyable”. The jets do have issues though.

Search for squirrel on youtube. Some excellent starter videos.

Why do some people want to live ?

Clumsy also has a few good instructional videos on YouTube. One of his latest helped understand what is going on with the approach loopback and how to resolve.


Curious… how many hours in the 172 do you have? I mean flying, not playing a computer simulation?

We all have to start somewhere. What’s easy for you may not be easy for someone else.


He wasn’t flexing… just dealing with someone that likes to complain.


Ahh… got it. I should make sure I read the whole thread next time!


@OrneryCuss was replying ironically. Don’t take it literally


Thank you all for the suggestions.

I’d highly recommend watching one of the youtube videos that explains how the Garmin G1000 system works. Here is one that I know to be decent:, but there are plenty of others if you search. I’d suggest watching one of the videos and then trying a flight in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000). If you can make a cross country flight in that plane, using the autopilot for navigation and altitude management, it will make transitioning to any of the other “glass cockpit” aircraft considerably easier.

FSX had a great three tiered interactive lessons section which got you trained on basic skills needed by pilots of all capabilities. Jess Molina (fictional - voiced by Marie Westbrook), you ain’t Rod Machado. :grin:

Here’s the very useful text that you were required to read before attempting the actual lesson in FSX.

Please upvote this wishlist item if you think official documentation should be provided - Add a 'Learning Center' or other official documentation

The prior version, FSX, had very complete documentation both in terms of training and information on unique aspects of each aircraft.