Newbie Questions - Gameplay & Hardware

Hi All,

Thanks for everyone’s help with my installation issues (with discs). I returned them and downloaded via Steam as recommended by this community. All seems to work ok, but I have a few questions:

1/ I’m using the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick & Throttle Quadrant. The throttle part works ok, but the flap, speedbrake, L/G selector, park brake etc don’t. I’ve heard it needs a bit of programming but can anyone point me in the right direction?

2/ The gameplay is slightly lumpy. Graphics are fine but it’s not entirely smooth gameplay. Any suggestions? I’ve lowered the data and graphics settings but no real change.

3/ I took advantage of the marketplace sale and bought some A320 liveries for £1.69. They seem to throw the loading of the flight a bit. Takes a while for the graphics to catch up.

Apologies if others have asked these questions, I really have no idea how these forums work. I’m quite new to this and i’ve never been a big gamer or user of these forums.


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Try this.

Regarding Gameplay issues. There are many people who can give you pointers to make your MSFS 2020 experience a pleasant one and these talented Guys provide some good Tips.

ps. That Thustmaster set up looks very neat. We fly mostly GA using Saitek X52 Pro but we’re very impressed with your Thrustmaster after viewing the Vid.