News Article: MSFS is boring bring in SEGA to help!

For those who do not know the METRO is a free but hugely popular left leaning news paper distributed in London, UK .

Those first couple of hours while you’re going to famous places is fun but when you’re finished messing about you begin to question what the game is actually about and you realise that the answer is ‘nothing’. This really is just a simulation. It’s not meant to be a game, there’s no gameplay and they couldn’t even be bothered to add in some hoops to fly through or anything.

Oh good, glad the writer of this article figured out it’s called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yeah, that’s right, the key word is “Simulator.” No, we don’t want Asobo wasting resources making “hoops” for people to fly through. We want Asobo spending their resources on enhancing the flight dynamics, making the flight model better, fixing live weather, making the navigational systems and autopilot better, etc.

Not hoops, LOL. For hoops, go play another game. Maybe GTA has some hoops for the writer of that article to fly through.


Hmm… sounds like a single shooter addict clicking on a new free game to play… bet he was in for 15 minutes crashing his Cessna into the ground… poor chap. “it is about nothing”

Bottom line… someone write a pointy response there, :laughing:

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I like the first comment at the bottom of that article:

I’m not sure why someone buys a flight simulator then writes an article on why they don’t want it to be a flight simulator.


Umm the metro is very much center now a days and trash at that. Not that it’s politics impacts this. Also it’s UK wide not just London, they have them free at all train stations and a few main undergrounds outside london too.

Metro are known for being awful and not even fact checking, it’s just a john doe who will have wrote in. Take it with a huge bag of salt :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree but the Metro is now where near Centre…Its far left… but that is not point. It has always been trash just like 99% of all the MSM whatever way they lean.

Given the racism the weekly transphobic attacks and racist post’s it’s not left lol. I don’t know anyone far left who reads it. The claim is as baseless as the article, plus it’s politics which goes against the rules given there was 0 need for it.

I have never seen any of that in it? Anyway…, the point is the Article. Interesting how people see the sim.

Brilliant article! That’s like buying farming simulator, and then complaining that all you do is taking care of a farm…

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I guess there are those who will enjoy flight simming and those who won’t.
It is the same with any hobby.

I don’t think the article speaks for the many xbox users who clearly enjoy using MSFS, but rather speaks for the person who wrote the article.

As I said in the other thread, which also linked the same article:

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