Next Bug Clouds

THis Game is so full of them…After SU5 even more-

Now i get Clouds ON the Ground with live weather High Noon perfect Weather outside, no fog.l

Lol this Game…

That’s probably not the game code. Live weather is sourced from Meteoblue. That company compiles weather information globally and feeds it into the sim in as close to real time as possible. But perfect real time is going to be impossible, because it simply takes time to transmit information from around the world into their system, then compile that information, and finally to transmit it out to the FS servers. Also, if there are any reporting stations that are malfunctioning, that can introduce errors into the sim. It may not be perfect, but it’s one of the best weather rendering engines I’ve seen, even with the glitches.

so that why sometime clouds disappear on my watch?