Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 and VR

I’m using my DIY buttkicker (in stereo LOL) on my DIY motion rig and was using it before the motion rig too. I’m driving it with SimShaker for Aviators + Sound Module (must have for event feedback, like gear, flaps, groudn roll, touchdown etc.), and also mixing in some low end from the MSFS original sound.

It adds a lot to the experience. Not sure if it’s as huge as the motion rig in terms of increasing immersion, but it is comparable. When I added transducers to static seat I was blown away by the difference. Motion blew me away even more, so you should definitely have both. They add to each other for a total immersion. When I forget to switch on transducers or they lose connection after MSFS CTD - it really feels like I’m missing something, even with motion.

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