"Next Level" stops after 3.000 hoursl

My flight time with the simulator is now more than 3.000 hours. I am surprised, that the “Next Level” announcement under “profiles” is stopping at this point. The indicator shows at “Next Level” the value of -1HRS. Did Asobo not realize, that some Sim-Pilots are very busy?

They probably figured nobody would genuinely get that far.


Are you expecting the next levels to be 5,000; 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; 500,000; 1,000,000 hours as an achievement as well?

Neo, when you get to 1,000,000 hours flight time, you’re allowed to fly a real A320! It’s buried really deep in the Terms and Conditions everyone skips over when purchasing the sim.


■■■■. I’m around 80 hours away from 3K. That’s disappointing.

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NeoKingRthur: No, I do not expect values, which are not realistic. In all the years of flightsimming I got about 20.000 hours with different flight-simulators. But now it is a little bit strange to read in the profile, that the next Stage is “-1HRS”. The better way would be, to declare one certain stage as final stage or to hand out an FS-Award like “Chief Captain” or “Frequent Flyer”.


mine resets every few hundred

Next stage is stairway to heaven 1Hr , Dont rush it ha ha. :grin:

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I don’t want to hijack the discussion but a long-haul pilot can sit for 10-12 hrs, including rest & do one T/O & landing. Other pilots doing multileg short-Medium range flights might do 5-6 T/O & landings in less time. I reckon the number of T/O & LDG’s done is more indicative of pilots experience than total hrs, especially if 80% of the time accumulated is sitting in the cruise or the crew rest area. I have put my heavy flack jacket on.

The average of all my flights is about 2 hours. It is a mixture of longhaul and e.g. performing Isle-hopping. But now I reached more than 3.000 hours. And I am surprised, that Asobo is thinking, it is the end of busy flying.

I wonder if there’s an .xml file somewhere that can be edited to increase that number or whether it’s all done server-side?

In my case it is done by their server, because I have control by a second server of the Virtual Airline (oneengineout.com) I am flying for.

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