Nice little discovery

I came across the guy only yesterday and gave it ago with my own tweeks. It actually works well and visuals look better. For those that have/use GeForce Experience. Give it try.

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yeah this is been around awhile but it effected FPS for me that I just disabled it. I try to avoid GFE as much as I can.


For me (i7-11700KF + RTX 3070) the reduction is 1-3 FPS. Totally worth it to correct the terribly color-masking in the sim.

I9 11900k 3070ti and I’m in a situation I can’t afford to lose 3 FPS unfortunately :rofl:

Yeah but you could use reshade, and not loose any fps, and not have to be burdened by Nvidia Bloatware…

My first nVidia card was a Geforce-series card in 2001. What you call “bloatware” has always worked fine and unobtrusively for me. :wink:

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Still bloatware, Ive been using nvidia since long before that, we didnt used to have that just the good old drivers, then we got GE, and then we got Build into windows nvidia drivers that want you to goto the MS Store just to get the control panel…

NO Ge for me, no logitech BS, and no Razer BS, lol man I miss the olden times…

nVidia didn’t even exist until around 1995. I was using 3dfx Voodoo cards through that time.

In any case, the default drivers have never given me trouble except for the very first public Release Candidate builds of WinXP in the summer/fall of 2001 on my AMD Thunderbird-based build. But that’s been literally over two decades ago. I’m willing to not hold that against them.

Anyway, I use the GFE game filters to correct the terrible default color-cast in the sim, as well as recording videos of my flights. For me, Nvidia’s recording utility works better for me than the Windows Game Bar utility, which causes audio crackles when I use it.

And frankly, the built in ease of use and simplicity are more than worth the cost of going from 70 fps in a scene like this to 68.