Nice new website, but forgot main forum link

The new menu design is certainly more convenient. But designers, you forgot the link to the main page of the forums!


Login :wink:


I cannot logout :frowning:

@Jummivana @OlieTsubasa443

Ok. Thx.
But after authorization, that wonderful menu disappeared :pensive:

Yeah confused me for a bit, no link to the forums on my PC but was working OK on my mobile phone.
Then I realised it had logged me out of my account on the PC.
Logging back in was also a bit confusing as it didn’t show my username and Avatar, just said User.
Once I got back into the forums my username and avatar reappeared.

The Community menu is for guests maybe? For logged in members, this is the community home.

The odd thing is now I have to log in every visit, where I didn’t before. But only if I go via the main page.

If I bookmark, and go directly to, the forums page I’m already logged in.

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“Oldies” don’t need news and announcements? Two items in this menu could be changed depending on authorization. I think.

That’s all I ever do. I haven’t been to the main page but maybe five times in the last year.

What about here?

Not a link to the news is being discussed. The lack of a convenient menu with information for an authorized user and for non-authorized users there is a beautiful and informative menu, but without a link to the main page of the forum

In that case, all this will be news to you. Something’s changed.

So with the new layout, there is no direct link to the top of the forums page, the only links we get are the “news and announcements” section and “new simmers” section. Can you guys add a tab to the top of the forums?

Hopefully I’m explaining myself.


It does appear if you log in. But you don’t stay logged in, so next visit you have to do it again.

Best bet is to bookmark the forums page. That way, you do stay logged in.

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Yup - that’s what I found, too.

Seems a backward step to remove the forums link. Change, but not for the better.

I think Asobo are the new webmasters :joy:

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Perhaps we’ll need a web site Service Update? :rofl:

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Don’t go there :joy:


The fastest way I found is via the FAQ link, on the following site is a forum link (working as usual)

The quickest way to get to the Forums is to bookmark:

And if you need to login, login. It will default to the top of the forums.

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I get that, but why is it so difficult to add a link to the main page if there’s already links to sub sections in the first place?

Not complaining, just a strange design choice. And didn’t realize there was already a thread on this, my bad

Okay now that I am logged in on the main page I see the main “forum” tab on the web page. Still a strange design choice.

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