Night Lighting completely lost its charm

A uniform grid of ugly yellow lights now plague the entire city. Seriously who asked for these lights from xplane ?

What made MSFS different from other sims at night was the random color variation in night lighting from different light sources. It actually looked like a city down there. Now it completely lost its charm… All they needed to do was remove the sepia mask and increase the lod while keeping the variation in colors and overall look intact. Now its just a grid of yellow lights everywhere. I also don’t see any traffic lights?? Do we even have cars dow there at night?

There are other bugs with people reporting multiple light orbs on the road one above the other in a fixed pattern.

This right now IMO looks even worse.


I’m not having the issue you’re having. Maybe it’s area specific. Where do you see this?

Looks like plenty of variation in the city lights here


Yes after flying some areas during night I second that…it lost its charm and its natural look…

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In the Q&A session Sebastian mentioned that the new night lighting might seem too uniform and if the feedback asked for it they would make it more random. I guess it’s a matter of making a topic in the bugs or wishlist section and trying to collect enough votes for them to fix this.


I am with you 100% - we have to make one strong topic in BUGS and Vote for it

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Don’t forget, some cities are very uniform in the way their streets are laid out, so the lighting may very well be as obnoxiously uniform as it it IRL.

If you really want to press the limits of this “uniform light patterning”, try going to a city in Germany and see what the night lighting is like there. The fact that European cities are far less “grid-like” than their North American counterparts may help alleviate it a bit.

I see the variation as well, but I also want to highlight that what I see out of my GA plane window when I fly at night - what it is now seems closer to reality than what it was before.

Here’s a comparison near KPAE at around the same time and same altitude. It’s missing a little bit of the greenish tone but otherwise it looks good. but at the higher altitudes, this looks a Lot like what I see vs. the sepia before other than the KSEA runway lights being visible this far out…

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