Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

I have added a feature request to add a night light slider:

It’s not only the intensity, it’s also the full of grids world.


Night lighting looks very good in episode 1 world video. I couldn’t understand why they still haven’t fully fixed it. It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to restore it like in the world video.


Just taking a flight from KRNM > MMDR in a 172 at about 6000ft at night and yeah there are some issues here, lights seem to be floating way up from the roads in a doubling up kinda fashion, the same lights seem to be 100 meters above each other and they are indeed way too bright for these hill roads, they have the intensity of football stadium lights. They kinda look ok from a distance not when flying above them, still better than FS98 where I started :smiley:

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I have seen that too. They had it all right I think , how difficult is it to revert back to the original?


Prior this one

The main issue was the sepia mask which was off from how it look in altitude, basically day photo real in night illumination (globe light) worst in winter time. Night lighting - Terrain emits light?

That is how it would look like

They are looking to improve the sepia mask, with higher quality data, on desert still can show light, but on the last Q@A they asked if there is too much light, since there was missing before. It need to works on global, not only low altitude VFR but both VFR\IFR.

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I actually like the night lighting.

Darwin australia dawn comparison:

before patch

after patch


For me the first one looks more natural, however the issue is more visible in large cities…Have a look at the first screens on top

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Problem is the lights aren’t losing intensity as they get further away. They get “smaller” and more jumbled together, but they’re as intense as they are right infront of your face. Night lighting doesn’t appear to be interacting with the atmosphere.


The only way I could bear the new look is by adjusting weather, reduce visibility and introducing rain…

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@ ScenicAtol3300

aaah can agree,

that was also what I’ve remember from XP11 but I need do next tests.

The sad thing is that they (Adobo) try to please people who want to see lights far in distance and they tuned up the intensity and added more and more lights and they seem that they distanced themselves from their original idea of night lighting ( which I think all of us fell in love with-aside the issue with emmiting light)… that’s sad…because they are altering the base of a graphical wonder without a second thought…


It feels like one of those, “we’ll get there in steps” but you really shouldn’t work that way with a game. You have to parallel your build and fully flesh out new features/changes, not just half measure after half measure like DCS does.

Also one person with one vision needs to be actually in charge, which is now “inefficient” so everything is a Franks and Beans committee decision in almost every modern game.

somehow there are misunderstandings ! If the community already makes suggestions - which should go in the right direction - but after every patch there is something new - and I personally never criticized the development - BUT this should be the improved night lighting:

if it does not mislead me, the LOD has become smaller again, this time with the night lighting :

slightly modified (as an example of course):

every country road has street lighting now, the visibility of the lights is more reduced again (LOD) - and that’s the worst, than the lights (bulbs) are still “stretched” with the higher resolution - it seems to me that these are rather adjustments to VR - to improve the performance
partly it looks better and partly I think again I am on the road with FS2004 !
and when hundreds of voices say please go more in the direction of the Alpha - and then you go further away from it again - somehow not understandable !!
and if there should be optimizations for VR then please give us 2 different configuration options - VR and NON VR (higher LOD etc.) !


I honestly think it got better, not sure some are complaining about it :confused:


like I said it looks partially better but what has been done - the sepia mask is a little bit reduced and the country roads have got lights ! everybody who has flown in the night knows that you can see the lights more than 10 miles !

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night lighting after this patch are FATAL, I personaly lost interest to flight at night, it lost all unique and charm… Specialy made some flight yesterdays, and was awesome, today after start I cant belive what it looks like… xplane gosh…


Asobo has toyed with the LOD and it seems even worse than before.

I don’t understand why this is so difficult to understand. Fix it to how it was at beginning. Cities didn’t look like melted triangles and this you could have actual objects drawn for at least a 10mile radius without things looking awful.

It’s so frustrating.


Yes you said it - it’s “frustrating” especially when you can fly only “at night” (or most of the time) in Central Europe !

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