Night Lighting ... massive regression, what is going on ASOBO?

I agree, most motorways should be in complete darkness. Many otherwise rural areas appear to be flooded with highways. Just kill the code and save some processing power, can’t think of a simpler solution than that. C’mon, we have been dragging this problem since pre-alpha days.

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Like i posted here, all highways have not lights. Some have but not all. That’s a shame to break immersion like this without comparison with night satellite shots.

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Completely agree. There already has been quite a lot of threads on this issue so I am sure that devs must have taken some feedback. But yes, the night lighting right now gives me X-plane vibes. Such a huge step down from last patch. Looks absolutely terrible.

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Night lighting is far better.

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It’s a bit annoying because the bug list said “Terrain emits light”. They fixed that but then they lit up all the roadways like strings of pearls. It’s too much for rural areas.


There are already couple of topics in the bugs section, you can upvote them if you want and send a zendesk.

The best night lighting I’ve seen in a game, is in GTA V. Even heat effect in the distance is present. Then, the XP one looks good for me. And I have to try the new update one; but I bet is better than the sepia mask

Night lightning is much better as it was before this patch. They need to tone and scale down lights in countryside roads (which could be issue , but i think it is manageable)
also they should put some randomness to it.

but one question to the op;

Why are you opening a new thread , when there are already several of them ?

you are not helping , you are simply making mess

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Can you explain your theory please?

You must be the only one that thinks its good.

More lights = more realistic = more eye candy. Simple-minded approach, we have the same issue regards to weather. Some of us want actual live weather, other people say it works fine because it’s pretty.

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More lights is a performance indicator. I think it’s reasonable to try to max out an engine’s capabilities before scaling it back to where it should be.

This is in flux and Asobo said themselves that it’s WIP. I’m fairly confident they’ll find the right balance.

I think it’s more realistic (in terms of how dark the ground is) but I agree the night lights are far too uniform. I think it’s not a regression since before it was FAR too bright. It just needs a little tweaking.


Stop it Janyf … I’m as upset at the mess as you are.

When we start dissenting like this and start being all authoritative, having a go at each other, it just becomes easy lock city for admins, its you that is not helping here mate, lay off please.

Also and you agreed with me, that’s pretty hypocritical of you to do that and and then put your oar in to stir the pot to the contrary :frowning:

Lets work together for once to show Asobo we care about this sim and direction its going via negative and positive vibes too, are you going to complain about multiple Positive vibe threads? I guess not.

The Mods will bond this thread with one original one soon, but meanwhile and so soon after this patch that seems to have messed up an awful lot night lighting wise especially, it would help if self appointed mods like you could lay off a bit, please.

There is more at stake here than forum Ego’s. We should be working for the common goal, not against each other.


Agree 100%

I’ve rarely complained here about the sim, honestly, mostly given praise, but feel strongly about how night lighting has regressed since this patch.

No theroy, it just looks far better, maybe check ur hardware, obviously must be poor. flown over 200 hrs in this game from day 1 at it’s far better now.

I think you are having a troll or laugh mate … check “ure” hardware indeed :frowning:

Was on alpha phase then beta test of sim,

My PC hardware is more than adequate.

If you are happy, then that’s fine, perhaps you are the kind of happy base customer Asobo and MS Directors most want to appeal to?

Glad you are happy mate, really am.

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Since there seems to be an abundance of threads on Night Lighting changes, I’ll be redirecting you to take action if you feel necessary by voting on the linked night lighting thread. Thanks for understanding.

Here’s the thread to vote on if you believe night lighting needs to be changed, or simply add your sentiments. Terrible night lighting after patch 5