Night Lights are fixed?!

Just did a successful flight in the A320 with the latest dev mod from Iceman.

First off, he fixed the mach/knots switch! I can now switch back to knots in decent. Also, the cold/dark issues seem to be based on the gate you start at. B21 at KDEN allows for full start from cold.

But I was most surprised by the absence of the sepia mask on the ground! The night environment seems darker now, not so bright. I know, there are still the red lights but hey, ill take any progress at this point. Check it out!

Well played Asobo, well played…

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Is the Iceman mod and the Flybywire mod team one in the same?

Yup! So stoked…the A320 is my main bird. It still has the little quirks but Im happy I was able to do a flight at all!

I must be trippin…now the sepia textures are back… :frowning:

It was probably just the route of the approach in KMSP that had me fooled.