Nightmare of the year! Mainthread stutters at equal intervals

Yesterday I was flying Ok with the sim. Haven’t installed anything new!
Today: Mainthread stutters at equal intervals. ethernet and every other driver up to date.

Intel i9-9900k
Gigabyte Aorus Master z390 board
Sim installed on 1TB NVE drive.

Please don’t ask me to unplug my peripherals… I did it two months ago, one by one, and they all run fine. And I already did all the virtual memory stuff and all troubleshooting that are too long to mention again and again. XPlane NEVER EVER EVER EVER complains about anything!

After I reinstalled FS (and the entire PC) I was having fewer CTD’s. As a matter of fact. FS haven’t CTDed in the past 2 days. Was able to complete 3 flights yesterday. No lag, no stutter, no nothing.

But today the stutters make the game unplayable!

I’m beyond words. (is not my RAM, is not my videocard, is not my hardware!)

I honestly don’t know how this game was the “Game of the Year”. yeah right.

This is like a real F-16… for every hour of flight I have to spend 2 days of troubleshooting

I think the main thread can get bogged down by network/server delays.

Most of the problems in this game are caused by the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about finding problems.


It’s weird how so people seem to have issues when “nothing has changed”. As tech support, I heard that phrase very often and pretty much every single time it was not quite accurate. Maybe for you it is, I dunno, but it is a bit hard to believe. Computers don’t suddenly change their minds. The response one I troubleshooted was usually “Oh, I didn’t think that would have an effect!”.

The only time I had regular stutters on hardware not as good as yours was when I had airport AI levels set to the defaults. Seeing they are always walking or driving in front of me I disabled all that and have mine has been as smooth as silk for months. Well, except when I play with my settings to try and get a bit more from the sim but that resulted in less regular stutters and asking too much of my hardware is not the games fault.

Seeing the drawing is asynchronous with network traffic I don’t see how server delays do actual stutters. Non-smooth updates to photo terrain updates, sure. But stutters? My internet is poor by world standards and I’ve never seen it. That isn’t proof that it can’t happen of course so maybe the others are right but so far, not in my experience.

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Well, I decided to backup my community folder and empty it.

CTD, crackling sound. Right in the menu… again! God, this is a love/hate relation.

Checked the audio drivers were up to date and they are.

Yes, same for me too. It’s mostly pretty good at the moment for me now tbh but occasionally I go to the same places, with the same weather, with the same aircraft etc and it is stuttery as heck. I have checked all the usual culprits such as background programs, overheating, CPU/GPU times in developer screen etc. I also only sim with 2 or 3 addons in the community folder.

As a couple of posts mentioned above I think there is a really good chance that it is server/internet based but, of course, I don’t know for sure.

Unless you have a bucket load of (outdated) addons in your community folder, use ambitious in game settings or are overloading your PC hardware I wouldn’t waste too much time trying to sort it out.

Just my thoughts FWIW :slightly_smiling_face:

I think for most users, “Non-smooth updates to photo terrain updates” = stutters. At least that’s how I always interpret comments like these.

And in my experience that is a CPU/rendering issue.

It’s literally the main thread, so yes, CPU makes sense. But one thread can be stalled by another thread, system calls, I/O, etc.