NIS change key cobo for activation?

Is it possible to set other key combo than Ctrl+F1for activate/deactivate NIS?

Can you make a suggestion. What are some keys that aren’t used?

PS: the next version will have an on-screen menu that will show in game but still require 3 keys to go to next menu entry and adjust values +/-. Kinda like those old VCR :slight_smile: so it’s important I get some better hotkeys!!

In my case anything other than F-keys due to these need a Fn button in my case.
Ctrl+Alt+z could do it

I picked Ctrl + F1/2/3 because they are on the edges of the keyboard hence easy to locate while wearing the headset. Something like Ctrl Alt Z seems impossible to do without seeing the keyboard :smiley: maybe that’s just me. I’ll keep thinking about it and maybe other folks will also make other suggestions. Thanks!

Also, I forgot to explain something.

The way my software is able to use the keyboard is not truly intercepting the input that the game sees. In fact, when you press Ctrl+F1, both the NIS layer AND the game are seeing it. So if either Ctrl or F1 are bound to something in the game, then the game will also honor the keystroke.

Hence something like Ctrl-Alt-Z would be extremely disruptive if anyone bound Z to anything.

We want to find a set of 3 keys that are completely unused by the game and very likely to be manually bound by the user. Then we add 1 modifier like the Ctrl key to make sure that the NIS menu won’t pop up when accidentally pressing one of those keys aline.

I hope this makes sense.

I understand you cannot take into account all different keyboards. If I could choose myself, and it need to be 3 keys, I would have set Shift+<+z.
Could it be an option to set it ourself?

That’s what I was thinking. It’s just more work :slight_smile: Maybe not for the next version but the one after it…

I installed Logitech Options and “capsLocked” the F-buttons, so I’m ok

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