No 303 Squadron 'Kościuszko' livery pack for Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX (by FlyingIron Simulations)

Hello Everyone!

This is a livery pack (previously published separately) for six RAF aircraft Squadron 303 - Polish heroes fighting in RAF units during WWII especially the Battle of Britain. Historically, it was assumed that the Polish Squadron 303 shot down a total of 126 German aircraft and broke the record.

Each of these planes has a story that I tried to keep as much as I could. I relied on historical photos and descriptions. In some liveries I’ve also added WWII related decals. Each of the planes has the original RAF paint, No 303 Squadron logo and English / Polish markings, numbers and other markings.

The package includes the following paints:

  1. RF-D s/n EN951: flown by ace Squadron Leader Jan Zumbach, May 1942, had DUCK decal.
  2. RF-M s/n BS451: flown by ace Squadron Leader Jan Falkowski, Jun 1943, with the inscription JOAN, added the original inscription used on one of the 303 Squadron aircraft after Battle of Britain ended
  3. RF-K s/n BL670: ‘KRYSIA EVER READY’ it was built by EVER READY COMPANY and used in 303 Squadron in 1942 and 1943. Later, ‘EVER READY’ was replaced with ‘WOJTEK’
  4. RF-G s/n BS556: was manufactured as Mk V, and later upgraded to Mk IX standard. It initially served with No 611 Squadron RAF, after brief service with No 315 Polish Squadron. From June to September 1943 it remained with No 303 RAF Polish Squadron ‘Kościuszko’.
  5. RF-A s/n P8385: with the inscription IMPREGNABLE of F/O Feric, Northolt, May-July 1941. The plane had Pluto as a hallmark, and I also added the original inscription used shortly in Germany after WWII ended.
  6. RF-J s/n EN175: these markings were originally on another aircraft: HURRICANE, which also served on the 303 Squadron RAF. I got this information after this livery was published. Even though it is not true to history, I left the painting on the Spitfire

This paint pack is only shared on and I have not consented to be shared on other MSFS mod websites. If you find them elsewhere, be aware that they have been stolen, feel free to report.

Thank you to my Polish group ‘HiddenA320’ for help in finding historical information and for ‘every day’ support :slight_smile: HiddenA320 is a real Airbus A320 pilot who has created a wonderful community on Twitch. You will find it here:

Finally, I wish you great flights in 303 Squadron!



I got the spitfire plane expansion installed, but I am not sure which folder to put in the liveries.
It would be nice if you could put in some instructions either readme in the files or on the download website about how to install properly.

I will just try to put this in the airplanes directory and see if it works

The liveries just go in to the root of the Community folder. although I would recommend investigating Addon Linker from there is a link to a video for install instructions

Nice…pity there is not a Hawker Hurricane for these liveries as that is what 303 flew during the Battle of Britain

I put them in community folder. In sub folder “squadron 303” but they are not available in MSFS from “liveries” even after computer re start. I am able to see the 2 versions of the spitfire plane.

Do they need to be in the “flyingiron-spitfire” directory?

Do I need to “replace” the original liveries? The liveries have identical folder names “PM_SpitfireIX_RF-A” and “D” and “G” etc.
so that is strange or a clue”

Also 2 files there: layout.json and manifest.json in the “SimObjects” directory

Help is appreciated

Ok I got it working. Just needs to be in Community folder - but don’t create another sub folder (like I did originally - I named it sq 303). Just left it in folder as “PM_SpitfireIX_303 Sqn_RAF”

Now works.

Likely MSFS does not dig in too deep directory wise or the 3 computer restarts helped.

Hello. There are ziped separated liveries. You just need to unzipped and move to community folder. Those liveries are just for Spitfire Mk IXc with not clipped wings.