No AI Aircraft Traffic - SU11

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When I have Aircraft Traffic Type set to “AI Offline” I do not see any flying aircraft at airports or when ATC tells me to confirm aircraft in sight. I’ve tried setting the AI Aircraft Density Traffic to 100% but no change (I normally have it at 50%). I’ve tested this while flying around the airport as well as cross country. If I enable Real-Time Online aircraft traffic within a few seconds there are many aircraft showing up around the airport. As soon as set the option back to AI Offline all traffic disappears and no AI aircraft show up despite waiting considerable time.

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Set the Aviation Traffic option to AI Offline. Select a default aircraft (C172) and select CYVR as the departure. Fly around the airport - note nothing seen for several minutes. While flying around open up the options and change the Aviation Traffic option to Real-Time Online and return to your flight. Within a few seconds note the aircraft showing up on the ground around the airport (have not waited to see if any take off or land). Go back into the options and set the Aviation Traffic option back to AI Offline and note the disappearance of all flying traffic again.

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SU11 (40th Anniversary) for sure. Possibly as of WU11 (Canada) but I don’t remember if I’d noticed the empty skies prior to SU11.

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