No ai aircraft traffic

Unable to see any ai aircraft traffic with any settings.

I find there is no AI at airports and once you have taken off, ATC directs them…but you never see them.

When playing with live traffic I honestly only see AI traffic on the ground. Which makes sense in a way.

Yeah, I sat on the ground awhile and finally watched an ai type land. I did have the live traffic turned off.

I finally saw an ai type. I guess they are just rather sparse (maybe due to pandemic?).

Did you set your traffic density accordingly?

Traffic density only seems to make a difference at big airport hubs. EGLC for example, no ai landing or taking off at all, even at 100%.

When you get into the air though, so many ai you can’t get a word in to ATC.

Not sure if you’re confusing live traffic with AI traffic. My understanding is that, when having “live traffic” turned on, AI aircraft are only to crowd the airports, not the air. Which maybe why the option in the traffic menu is called “GROUND aircraft density” (tooltip: “adjust how busy airports are on the ground. Note these values will scale depending on airport size”).
However, if you switch to “AI offline” AI traffic will also crowd the air and also unlock two sliders to set aircraft density.

Whatever you chose I believe that even at full scale the amount of traffic will be somewhat mediocre. If I member the first alpha reviews correctly there is a limit of so and so many aircraft that can be processed at the same time. I believe this value might increase as optimizations advance. I really hope since I really, really, really want to fly in crowded airspaces.

I apologize if I got you wrong here but I hope it helps.

Edit: I see I already replied earlier so please consider this a more detailled explanation than in my original post.


Thanks for that JD.

Having played with the GROUND aircraft density, it seems to produce ‘static’ aircraft certainly; they do not however often move and when they do, they don’t take off, simply taxiing to the runway and sitting at the threshold until they just disappear into thin air.

LIVE traffic apparently reflects real flights but, due to the fact that an A320 often is portrayed as a C172 or similar, having tried it, I no longer use it.

I suppose we will probably have to wait for Traffic Global or similar for FS2020.

Pretty poor showing from MS/Asobo in my opinion.


Keep in mind that the sim can only make use of aircraft models that are in the game. If I were an algorithm and if I didn’t have a model for, let’s say, an A318 I would chose the A320 instead of a (random?) smaller aircraft to at least keep some realism.

Also, keep in mind that there’s currently a bug related to ground traffic which may cause your own aircraft to behave weirdly. Like, wobbly rudders, random switching of knobs, displays blacking out and so on. I guess turning ground aircraft density to 0 might be a good choice anyway. At least for now.

Yes…but who wants deserted airports? Fair point though.

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No one, of course. Eventually I’d like to have all the live traffic. No need for AI traffic then, imo.

I believe you’re right.

However, nothing is precluding Asobo (except time or knowing it is badly needed) from shipping hundreds of low detailed aircraft of most types, like the ones you’d find in TG or similar products.

What I mean by this is including “Live AI” feature in the simulator requires having the models to represent them all from the get go, otherwise it serves limited purposes.

Furthermore, once there are more 3rd party aircraft, since the simulator has no capability to streaming other aircraft models to other players, it is paramount there is a default bank of most aircraft in service to ensure minimal resemble with the traffic around you.

You might want to vote here:

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