No AI ATC after SU5

Im getting no AI ATC …wanting to get airport information and theres nothing to choose…This has happened at : KSEA,KLAX,PHNL,KATL…
what is up?

This topic would be better at bugs-and-issues in atc-navaids.

Works fine for me atc talking to the ai

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I’ve seen sketchy performance with the ATC recently. I’ve seen it before but the past week has been…special.

My guess would be it’s server load related.

Check your Assistance options settings. Make sure ATC voice is on and the AI Radio ATC is on. It has been reported by some that these bindings will not stick.

I notice sometimes you just have to initiate a conversation with ATC then AI seems to take over after that assuming you have set ATC to co-pilot.

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