No aircraft,cfg

No aircraft,cfg file in the purchased planes. Please help me.

What is your issue with that?

If you want to modify something, you can use a livery with aircraft.cfg.

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Do not buy from marketplace.
Buy directly from developers website.
Examples below

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To better explain, aircraft purchased from the Marketplace are designed to prevent piracy. Files like the aircraft.cfg are now replaced with the *.fsarchive files, which are encrypted. Performance modifications are virtually impossible because of that.

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That’s really a pity.
I bought my first Carenado planes now and they are called “CARENADO” as aircraft manufacturer.
This is really annoying.
I changed all the other names in the aircraft.cfg to have the RW manufacturers shown…

This is one of several reasons to never buy anything from Marketplace.

and i wanted to get the “title” for model matching with vpilot but no joy.

did you ever figure it out? I cant find it in my list of software since its missing the aircraft.cfc on an 225.