No Auto Trim Switch

Can somebody explain why the Bell 407 doesnt have the auto trim switch on the upper panel…? I saw a youtube video that clearly shows one, the stock 407 in my MSFS doesnt…?

Nobody has an answer 92 views later…? :thinking:

I seem to remember seeing one in the original release. Perhaps they removed it. I don’t think it did anything.

Oh :thinking:,

I have AI auto trim on, auto rudder on, and tail rudder assistance on. I’d rather the single switch.

Nobody flies this! Thats why! You should turn off the assists and fly something else, anything but the mscenery choppers.

Bubba990x, you are correct.
It originally was issued with it.
Trim switches were removed in SU12:.
Here is the list of fixes that were done on the 407 for SU12:

Bell 407

  • Engine performance increased to match more closely the real-world behavior.
  • Now it is easier to overstress the rotor RPM and torque under heavy load.
  • The helicopter is easier to stabilize now in cruise flight with trim and assistances turned off.
  • Low rotor warning sound now sounds when the battery is switched on.
  • Annunciators illumination is stronger now in DIM mode.
  • Altimeter barometric scale values now match up with the simulator values.
  • Gauge illumination is toned down preventing it to being overblown on maximum brightness settings.
  • Auto-trim switch has been removed.
  • Force trim switch has been removed.
  • Pedal stop functionality added (limits left pedal movement during flight) above 50 kts.
  • Rotor rotation animation in multiplayer is now functioning.
  • Rotor brake is functional again.
  • Used fuel type in the weight and balance settings is JET fuel.
  • Added Turkish language translation.
  • Added Korean language translation.
  • Pedal animation on the connecting rod is fixed.
  • Interior collider adjustments. The camera doesn’t clip into the main panel anymore.
  • VR support adjustments. Full VR support.
  • Reference cruise speed now shows the correct value on the aircraft selection screen.

Not being a rotor person, I have no idea why, but this is the when!

I can only speculate, but maybe Nemeth Designs (who created the 407 for MSFS) were hoping Asobo would implement auto trim and force trim. With both functions missing and not found on any public roadmap, it made sense for them to remove the switches. Which is a shame, because a lot of helicopters have force trim and some kind of stability system in real life, especially the bigger or newer ones.

At the moment, only HPG have implemented force trim and SAS for their H145, which took them a lot of effort. Would make much more sense to have this in the base sim. Unfortunately we have not heard anything about future helicopter improvements in the Q&As. Sounds to me like Asobo thinks they did their part, and the rest is up to the 3rd parties …

I like the Cowan SIM Heli’s. I guess I’ll go ahead and turn off all the assists (maybe that was my issue). I have no problem flying them anyway. It’s isn’t rocket science that’s for sure. I fly RC helicopters as a hobby so it wasn’t a hard transition. It was the next logical move for me. I’m not flying the A320 or C152 anymore and fly only Heli’s.