No cessna caravan to be found

Hi, I have the base msfs game from the steam store. When I was looking through my planes to find the cessna caravan, it was know where to be seen. Im pretty sure its in the base game, But now looking back on it, I haven’t ever seen it in my game. If i accidentally deleted the file, is there anyway to redownload it or get it back? Thanks in advance!

The 208 is in the base version. Check “content manager” and see it hasn’t downloaded it for some reason. If it shows as downloaded, but you’re not seeing it, you can delete the current downloaded version. The next time you start up the sim it should show up as available for download.
It might also be in content manager and showing as “update available”. Again, just do the update from there.
If it’s nowhere to be found in content manager, you might want to submit a Zendesk report specifying the issue and get help from them.
Hope it works out for you.

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Thank you so much, just had to download it


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