No change in fps with DLSS what Nvidia CP settings?

I am running a 3090FE with the latest studio driver v517.40 and when I turn on DLSS in the general settings in the sim I get zero change in fps. Is there something in the Nvidia control panel that needs to be set? Let’s see your setting please.

DLSS will help only if your fps are limited by the GPU. If you are main thread limited, you won’t see an improvement. Use the developer mode & enable the ‘display fps’ option to see which is the case for you.


I also have 0 FPS gains, also the studio driver is NOT the driver needed for the update

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Okay, that explains it then. I am main thread limited. Honestly it would have just been icing on the cake to get more fps, but I’m happy where I am. I hardly ever check my fps because the sim is very smooth at ultra settings. Thanks for your help.

If you have the money, I just got an intel i9 12900k and I finally got rid of the CPU bottleneck, now 60 perfect fps all around with my RTX 3070 :wink:

Which cpu did you have before?
I think I’ll wait for Intel’s 13th gen.

let us know your CPU and overclocking settings, maybe we can help you get some gains in that department

NICE! Let us know your undervolting and overclock settings for the 12900K. We all need to make those changes just as soon as possible to thwart the single thread (single processor) dilemma. Now keep in mind, most of us just have standard Cooling such as the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler as opposed to things like a custom water-block full cooling solution. So keep that in mind when presenting your undervolting and overclocking settings for your Intel 12900K. Also, I heard that we should NOT use cinebench for benchmarking , that we should stick to simply using the flight simulator as our benchmarking tool. So I think it would be best if all the forum users start using MS2020 and a standard set of graphics settings for benchmarking but I digress. Sorry to ramble on. I am grateful you pointed out your new CPU since that reminded me of the above things still on my to-do list.

The i9900KF which is around 50% less powerful. The difference changing the CPU made is brutal, most noticeably in heavy airports.

I did not seem to need any undervolting/overclocking, I just left the factory settings and it works perfectly all around. In what regards the cooling, I got the 360k from MSI, it won’t pass 70º under heavy load :wink:

Only issue I hace found is there are certain old games, such as Napoleon Total War, which are not compatible with the CPU.

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