No Glenfinnan viaduct - Harry Potter bridge

I tried to find famous HP bridge… But there is no 3d object only shadow of it…
Bellow is video of my flight… Bridge should be at timestamp 17 min 30 secs…
What should I do…?

It’s definitely there. I was just there yesterday.

Please check your General-Options-Data and ensure that:

Online Connectivity, Bing Maps & Photogrammetery are all set to ON.

If they are, cycle them OFF then ON again, restart the sim.

If that doesn’t work, start the sim, logout of your XBox account and log back in.

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That looks like a landmark, which is stored locally. Check if you have the UK update installed from the marketplace.

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World Updates doesn’t get downloaded automatically. You have to claim it as a free content from the marketplace, and manually download it in from either the marketplace itself after claiming it, or from the content manager.

Once you do, make sure you turn on Bing and Photogrammetry settings.

Yes. that was it… I forgot, I have to download world update manually…
Thanks guys…

By the way, is that correct that the railway isn’t on the bridge but rather beneath it? That looks silly…

That’s probably because of the Bing maps being rendered as a ground texture since it’s a 2D satellite image. I would’ve thought that part of the landmark to have the custom texture by removing the railroad track on the ground replacing it back to a grassy texture, then paint the railroad track on top of the 3D bridge model.

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Asobo took the time to handbuild many of these bridges, but if you go to Japan and USA update, all of them have the original satellite overhead track or road intact.

If they can solve for that, the next problem is the traffic still routes on the ground painted image, not respecting the new polygon. I notice that on the Florida Sunshine Skyway bridge after USA Update.

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As far as I know, the SDK allows to override the defaults or at least add rows. The EDDB scenery by Aerosoft has a road driving to the terminal etc.

I just guess they didn’t bother to make the effort here which makes it look very bad.