No haptic feedback on VR Controllers when rotating knobs or flipping switches


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Brief description of the issue:

Rotating controls and flipping switches does not provide haptic “clicks”. There is no haptic feedback on rotation “clicks” (see X-Plane implementation). You hear the sounds clicking, but feel no vibration clicks. There is a haptic “click” when close to the control, but no feedback when adjusting that control.

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Easy to reproduce, no need for video.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Grab any knob or switch with a VR controller. Feel the haptic feedback when near the control. Rotating controls are most representative. Heading bug is a good example.
  2. Rotate control of flip switch. There is no haptic feedback.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:

Reverb G2, WMR, Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3080, 64Gb RAM, 2Tb SSD.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Sum Update 7

I am using the Valve Index controllers with my Vive Pro 2 HMD and do not feel and haptic feedback when rotating knobs. I do hear the clicks but that is all. The default Cessna from the premium version does not support VR controllers so my test was with the Cessna with the G1000.

We are so far from what I have been using with X-Plane this release is very disappointing.

Apparently with some HMDs there’s no haptic feedback at all. On Reverb G2 I feel the feedback when I reach a button/switch/knob, but not when I filp the switch, press the button, or rotate the knob.

This is pretty much a non-issue as no one’s gonna be using controllers anyway. It’s a really silly thing to have put any time into. What, so every time you want to interact with a button you’re going to let go of your stick/yoke/throttle/etc, fumble around blind for a controller which has likely turned off due to inactivity anyway, wait several seconds for it to turn on an initialize, aim it at something, click/hold, move around, probably smack into something on your desk or whatever…then put it back down and move on with your life/flight. Or, just dont and use mouse interaction. Idk man, like I said, this is a really goofy implementation in the first place with or without “haptic feedback while i awkwardly befuddle a dial in my airliner which has mostly ‘inoperable’ switches anyway”.

You’re so wrong…

Sure, that’s why my post got 500+ votes and got to #1 Wish in VR Developer Snapshot. Think about that, maybe you’re missing something?

I used controllers in X-Plane exclusively, as most other VR users. It’s immeasurably better than the mouse. Almost anyone who came from VR (and not from pancake simming or TrackIR) can tell you that. Most of us think that without controllers - it’s not really VR at all. Until we have hand tracking, which is very possible once controllers are working - MotionLeap can do it NOW in actual MSFS in SteamVR only (unfortunate for us Reverb G2 users), this is the best VR option. But the controller support is bad now so it’s not very useful at all, yet. This particular post notes one of the problems. I filed 2 more, at least. Rotating a dial in XPlane is extremely satisfying as you can feel the encoder ticking in your hand as you rotate your wrist. So is flipping a switch etc. You can almost feel the real thing. A mouse? Ridiculous buy comparison…

And how is it worse than “fumble around blind for a mouse”? It’s actually much easier, because the controller can be strapped to your right hand permanently (as I used with XPlane) or can just be lying on your lap, where yo can grab it instantly. If Asobo fixes the “disappearing controller” - which is another bug, you would also SEE it in VR. You would SEE it lying on the table, or in your lap, exactly where it is. So you just reach and grab it. No fumbling involved whatsoever. But now it disappears, so you can’t see it soon after you let it go.

It activates by just grabbing it, no effort at all, even now, It’s instant. But it really should not deactivate like it behaves on XPlane. It’s always there.

Laser mode is only useful for something you can’t reach (behind the yoke) or something you know is obstructed by your hardware. The whole idea behind VR controller is that you don’t point like with your mouse on your screen - you actually grab and manipulate - no need to “move around”, you reach and flick, pull, press or rotate - whatever the control is. Current SU7 implementation is very bad, its virtually useless (pun intended). Proper implementation, like in XPlane or FS2 (with hands!) is amazing - it’s like VR vs flat screen - you can’t go back after you properly try it. You manipulate the actual controls, not the unnatural 2D surface projection onto the flat projection of the cockpit. And it opens the door to full hand tracking. For those using SteamVR OpenXR - instantly, with an under $100 device.

And once you build a muscle memory, you can almost not look anymore, and manipulate everything so much faster that you ever could with your mouse.


Any updates on this? I got no feedback on the rift s controllers

Is this problem only on Oculus controllers? Do people with HP Reverb have feedback/haptics?