No HDR in fullscreen

I bought an HDR capable monitor from LG. I can see vibrant HDR when flying in windowed mode, but the colours revert to SDR when in fullscreen. If in fullscreen it will even flick back to HDR when I press the Windows key or anything takes over the foreground. But as soon as the focus is back in fullscreen MSFS it reverts to SDR.

Excuse phone pics but I don’t know how to take HDR screenshots:



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Run the game with HDR on in both Windows and MSFS, switch between fullscreen and windowed either via options or alt+return

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile) RTX 2080 Super on latest Nvidia drivers

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? Not yet.

Have you enabled windows HDR?

I have indeed. I discovered a temporary fix on another forum that uses an auto hotkey script to remove the frame in windowed mode. That works to keep the SIM in HDR by keeping it windowed as far as Windows is concerned, but making it appear the same as fullscreen. Still don’t fully understand why HDR doesn’t work for me when the SIM is in full screen AND the main focus. It’s so odd that it is HDR when fullscreen and in the background, and HDR at all times when windowed.

Not sure this is an Asobo issue. Maybe your nvidia settings? Or windows hdr settings?

I’ve been through all of the settings I can find and have read about. Where can I tell any of the associated programs how to treat the colours of windowed versus fullscreen applications differently? And why would it suddenly show the SIM in HDR in fullscreen when not the focus? IE. If in open task manager or anything else over the top of it I can see MSFS in HDR in the background…

Tbh until they fix the eye adaptation/whiteout in HDR and I can actually look out of the cockpit and see anything except bright white light I’m going to give hdr a pass…

I experimented with HDR for a bit. For some weird reason the only setting that worked OK was HDR turned on in Windows but turned off in the game.

HDR turned on in Windows but turned off in the game for some reason gave a better result than turned ON in both places or OFF in both places.

No idea what’s going on. I have HDR 10 and it works perfectly fine in full screen

That may be part of the issue. Most reasonable priced PC HDR screens are only HDR400.

Ha, maybe when I inevitably need to reinstall the entire thing in the next few months it’ll fix itself… As I mentioned until they allow me to switch off or limit eye adaptation there’s no point in me flying HDR anyway. Do you have issues with not being able to see any definition when looking out of the front directly at the horizon? I can sort of fix with the Geforce shaders, but it makes the rest of the SIM look too dark.

Thinking about it, the screen can accept HDR 10 but isn’t the best - and doesn’t have local dimming. I’ll just fly in SDR until Asobo might give us more control over the colour settings. Thanks all for reading!

I think HDR is still dependant on the display hardware itself. Even on two HDR supported monitor, they both could look differently depending on how it was built and the features it provided.

I fly on a 4K HDR TV, and both modes look great for me.
The only issue I have is when Windows HDR and MSFS HDR doesn’t match.

So, Windows HDR On + MSFS HDR10 On = Great HDR image.
Windows HDR Off + MSFS HDR10 On = Overexposed bleached image.
Windows HDR On + MSFS HDR10 Off = Oversaturated image.
Windows HDR Off + MSFS HDR10 Off = Great SDR image.

I do find it interesting is that, on the Windows itself, whether I turn Windows HDR on or off, it doesn’t make a difference in my image. Even though my TV is receiving HDR or SDR signal depending on how it’s switched. It looks like my TV can do post-processing to avoid overexposed or oversaturated image on windows itself. But not when MSFS and Windows HDR setting doesn’t match.

But I heard some people that on Windows itself, even on HDR supported monitor, they can’t turn on Windows HDR because it will make the image overexposed/oversaturated. So I think it depends on the monitor itself.

While I really love flying in HDR mode, I keep it off because I also livestreamed my flights, and GeForce Experience doesn’t allow HDR livestreaming.

I think OBS does but not sure how that would work if the viewers are not using HDR.

Well, YouTube can do a HDR to SDR post-processing. So I have a few 4K HDR 60fps recordings that GeForce experience can support. On an HDR display with Windows HDR turned on, the YouTube videos plays in HDR. But with Windows HDR turned off, the video is downscaled to SDR mode and it looks just like flying in SDR mode. Like this for example. If you have HDR monitor and have Windows HDR turned on, you should be able to watch this video in HDR mode. Otherwise, it will show in SDR mode.

I’m not sure if the same HDR to SDR processing can apply when broadcast live to YouTube.

It is worth noting that the game provides some very limited control of saturation by setting ColorGrading to 0 or 1 in the config files (same place you adjust sharpening).

Based on official YouTube guidelines, the Live HDR is only supported by Mirillis Action. So I’m trying to livestream using this from now on.

Hopefully this is better than GeForce experience as a whole as well. Because GFE keeps logging me out of my stream, sometimes in the middle of my stream.

The main reason I stopped using GeForce Experience is it would be working fine and then randomly decide to start streaming or recording one of my other screens for no apparent reason I could fathom.

That means you need to open the Privacy Setting and turn off the Desktop Recording. Usually when you’re recoding something out of focus, it asks you if you want to record the desktop, so naturally if you click yes, it will store that answer and tend to record everything.

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