No ILS after installation of EDDH bought at marketplace

Hi, I appreciate help. I bought EDDH (sim-wing) from the marketplace and installed it. Since then, no plane will capture any ILS anymore. Without the add-on it worked fine. Additionally, when placing the plane on runway, for example: 23, it shows up at rwy 05. Did I buy ■■■■?

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I’m not sure about your ILS issue, as I don’t encounter it. As I purchased outside the marketplace mine is installed in the community folder, maybe that makes a difference.
The 23/05 flip happens to me too, and it affects live AI Traffic as well, as they are always approaching from the opposite direction if I choose to land into the wind, which is normal procedure. It is reported in the Aerosoft forums, but no update or response yet.

Re-installed the airport. At least, the ILS is working now. Still the issue with the runway exchange though…

I’ve had the ILS issue happen on a few paid airports and usually (as you saw) removing and re-adding has cured it.

Haven’t seen the runway flip trick yet.

annoying that you have to find workarounds for issues in payed software. However, at least the runway flip is a constant one…