No Live Traffic ATC any longer

What could have caused this? I can hear ATC in the contact with my own plane. Never had this issue before. I have Multiplayer OFF as well as Live weather OFF, but that shouldnt have anything to do with this, right? Live Traffic ON, ATC ON.

If you mean you can hear yourself or ATC but not both or you can hear neither but see the type response and answer, it’s a bug in the Sim. Happens to me sometimes as well…You could restart the Sim or just continue on to the end of your flight. Annoying as hell but it is what it is.Hope this sheds some understanding. If this is not what you think. Sorry can help any better!. Cheers.


I have been getting this for the past year or so. ATC responses stop mid flight. I can still see written ones but not verbal. Honestly I could not do a complete flight without ATC voices dropping off. Yesterday I finally did a whole flight from KDAL to KDEN and I did not lose ATC voices. After a whole year. I probably just jinxed myself for the next year.


Hi. No, actually I can hear everything that has to do with my own comms with ATC, and I also hear them contacting me. Thats not the issue. I can’t hear Offline AI Traffic, or hardly see any planes. Not in any setting - tried 5 - 100 on the scale. Not sure whats going on. Live traffic seems to work though.

Your latest post seems to contradict the thread title.

It’s not clear what your issue is but I think it’s with AI Offline traffic but the thread title says Live Traffic.

Personally I am seeing plenty of traffic and hearing ATC communications with them according to the relevant traffic settings so no issue here.