No live weather at all (February 2023)

Tokyo has had mostly clear skies all day (I live near Haneda).


Still no live weather and METAR in game is not up to date (it’s from yesterday). What’s weird (for me) is that in the A310 if you check METAR on the EFB, it is correct and up to date… picture attached below.

I also wonder how many people said that live weather works for them because they only checked it at the airport/close to the airport and didn’t do any longer flights. Did you guys consider that there may be more people affected and you only think it is resolved for them, because they said so without any real testing?

It’s not weird, because the source of the METAR in EFB and SIM are different

I don’t think anyone, except for a brief time that it actually worked , claims that the problem is solved. We try to give as much information we can that may help the developers and systems engineers to pinpoint the problem.

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Im currently at YMHB on the SE Asia server, and it matches current metar perfectly.

9:35 CET
NO real weather at:
LEZG (still not in sim, for testing, the non-existent LEZA is in the sim)
METAR is of 07 Feb at 15:51

Is your METAR in game also up to date?

METAR outdated

So mine has been hit and miss over the past couple of days. I just took off from LIGD which is a small airport NNE of Naples Italy. I was almost 15 minutes into my flight (clear skies) before the weather injected.

Some flights are injecting immediately, while some are delayed, and some have never loaded. But i am not seeing a pattern to this.

Im not mad or upset as i love how much this update helped the xbox users, but i know the weather doing this can be an immersion breaker for some and figured i would report my results. Hope this helps.

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Not a single cloud in the sky, Ouch

Edit, 5 minutes after waiting the clouds magically popped in? Getting clouds Correct pressures and even winds, something that was not injected before

Started a whole 19 days ago for me, which is a really big bummer, Since i cannot enjoy anything i’ve bought (Fenix and PMDG)

Although, i’ve found out that waiting a couple of minutes and the weather will indeed load in, Not sure about during flight, since i had some weird stuff happen


Looks good for me here this morning near Southampton.



TAF EGHI 090758Z 0909/0918 VRB01KT 9999 SCT015 TEMPO 0909/0911 6000 -RADZ BKN010 PROB40 TEMPO 0909/0911 4000 RADZ BKN006

EGHI 090920Z 00000KT 9000 BKN010 03/02 Q1033

Sim reported weather well represented, with broken clouds at 1000ft, checked via slew:

I also checked TNCM:


TNCM 090900Z 05008KT 9999 FEW016 24/20 Q1018

Even wind speed. and direction were spot on.


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This wasn’t an client side issue, so the build is not relevant here. It was a server side issue.

I had the issue yesterday, I don’t this morning, and no new update was released.

Getting odd things at ZSSS though. Initially the METAR was correct, then reverted to one from two days ago, though the visual representation seems to be correct for today.

ZSSS 090900Z 04002MPS 2500 -RA BR BKN004 OVC026 09/09 Q1017 BECMG TL1040 1400

Teleported back to TNCM, and now it is showing METAR from two days ago.


Hopefully me teleporting about isn’t breaking it for me.


If you’re experiencing issues with live weather include the following information in your post:

  • Screenshot showing the weather
  • Metar information
  • Regional server information (screenshot)

The information above will speed up the process to address the issues with live weather.

Please keep posts in this topic to that information above.

Thank you.


Also on EGHI, no clouds - only fog - METAR from yesterday:


Edit, now:

few minutes ago METAR was from today, 10:00Z, now is from yesterday…

Edit 2:
Look great :slight_smile:

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Started at EGGP with the correct METAR and weather and then midflight this happens.I get METARs from two days ago.

as below, EKCH, METAR from two days ago.

Screenshot 2023-02-09 105942

It still doesn’t work for me, I’ve tried various airports around the world and the metars are from February 7/8 :sweat:


ACTUAL METAR LEJR 091100Z 09009KT 050V110 9999 FEW045 17/09 Q1027`


Mine started working day before and yesterday and now today its not working again…sigh…

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Hello all,

only report from today, all perfect! ZSSS (perfect rain now, longer observation at Apron) and TNCM windy. No METAR wrong data, weather starts with flight start.