No live weather or live traffic this morning?

Not able to choose live weather or live traffic this morning. Greyed out. Anyone else?

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This is Seattle right now. Live weather and traffic:

No live weather for me too, Southern Ontario Canada

I assume that you have live players selected at the multiplayer tab. if so you can’t change weather and time …

Not being able to choose live traffiic is one of the problems this morning in addition to live weather. I turned the computer off last night and turned it on this morning to find the current situation.

I dont speak of life traffic, I particually mean the multiplayer options (other human players). The “life players” option is to constrain the multiplayer to only players using life weather and life traffic. This however constrians the sim to life weather and life traffic with disabling the buttons for these functions so that they can’t be deactivated.

I assume that you had life weather and life traffic but you were not able to chnage it.

Check in the world map on flight options if the “life players” is activated. If so you are not allowed to change air traffic and weather settings…

It’s got to be a server issue, I have no Marketplace options either.

It was. Every now and then the connection will inexplicably get lost, will announce it’s lost connection and then gracefully reestablish said connection and make that announcement. But… every now and then when the connection gets lost it will just change my “online data” setting or whatever it is to “OFF”. Actually make that change in my program. That happens without any warning, nothing. Every now and then. And that was it. Clicked it back on and all was back to how I left it when I shut it off last night.

Then I did a two hour flight where AI ATC was lost (silent) and then where the AI co-pilot went silent (never to return) so everything is back to normal it seems :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’m also getting the insufficient bandwidth message and being switched to offline mode since last night (Australian Eastern Standard Time). This is despite my internet connection being very fast and not impacting anyone else in the household who continue to enjoy other on line games. I have signed out and back in from the Xbox app and the Microsoft Store to no avail. No streaming of scenery renders the game unplayable at the moment. Let’s hope it’s a temporary problem at the server end.

I don’t have any live weather since yesterday! Tried many things like turning on/off online functionality in the Sim and restarting the Sim multiple times! Anyone else has this issue? Steam Version, Western USA Server!

I couldn’t get live weather last night. I’m in the UK.

Seems like it’s working now! Things got switched up for me on MSFS because of the Steam issues last night so Live Weather had gone off!!!

I’m using the full Xbox version so clearly wasn’t a Steam-only issue.

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On Xbox cloud gaming - Custom and Preset weather grayed out and not adjustable. Live weather is the only choice and that appears to reflect the live weather. This first appeared to be an issue on 6/28/23.

Seems live weather stopped working this morning? Was fine 2 hours ago…

Not working for me either

Live weather is not working!!