No minimums callout A320 Neo

Any word on this feature (or lack of)?

Hey there, have you by any chance tried setting up the approach page on the MCDU with the information required for the minimum callouts to occur by choosing either a decision height or altitude?
This information can be found on any approach chart. For example, on RWY ILS 31L at KJFK, the decision height would be 213ft for all plane categories.

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Makes sense…Additional question… Does an airbus yell the ■■■■ out of your pants at all intances? ( RETARD RETARD)
I know that Boeing planes are much more polite :laughing:

The decision height I have filled in, the minimum decent altitude I do not.

For the sake of the exercise, I’ll fill in both and see what happens. Is the minimums callout actually emulated in the stock A320? On the same topic, I haven’t heard “height above” either. That may be due to the lack of information as well, but is it actually emulated?

Yeah, the Airbus is rather rude… :smirk:

DH and MDA are both filled in…still no minimums callout. I don’t think it’s emulated in the aircraft (xbox)

You should NOT put in MDA and DH! Either MDA (all approaches except CAT II / III) or DH (CAT II / III). There is no “height above” callout, I think you are referring to “hundred above”.

Only when you didn’t cut the thrust to idle in time. If you pull thrust lever to idle around 20/30 ft as you normally should do, there is no “RETARD” callout.

Did you make sure that you activated the Approach Phase in the MCDU (or that it activated itself automatically)f?

I wish these callouts were simulated in the A320, as well as they were louder. They can barely be heard while in reality they’re much louder.

You might be able to change that in the options. Make cockpit sounds louder, engines sounds more quiet.

I know there is no “height above” callout, but I’m wondering about “minimums” callout. I’ve tried just about everything and can’t get it to call out “minimums”.

Is it emulated in the stock A320 is the question. I might be fooling around with something that doesn’t exist?

If its not there its not implemented or a bug. When setting RA there definitely must be a decision height callout. MDA does not necessarily trigger a callout, this depends on the operator. Some operators have callout at MDA enabled, some don’t.

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Ah, that was beyond my knowledge… Thanks for clarifying … :+1:

Confirm this. No Minimum callout

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yep, not working for fbw dev version since a few days ago…

Did you set MDA or DH? MDA minimum callout is usually optional and chosen by the operator. Not sure about Airbus but thats how it usually is.

yep, I always set baro ( MDH) in the mcdu …
they will fix it soon as the dev version is always buggy and such probs are to be expected!

BARO cannot be MDH, BARO is MDA (or actually DA would be the correct term).

Is it actually called MDH on the Airbus? MDA is a wrongly used term already on most commercial aircraft. MDH does not make any sense at all…

you’re right, it was a typo mistake …
DA is referenced to mean sea level and DH is referenced to airport or threshold elevation …
airbus has both radio and baro on the perf page …