No more photogrammetry in Japan after attempting to download Tokyo in manual cache [SOLVED]

Hello to all.
Thanks to my fu**** slow internet connexion, I have decided to download my favourite areas into a manual cache.
This works perfectly good for Paris, New-York and Washington but, stangely, photogrammetry does no longer work for Japan since I also downloaded Tokyo.

Did someone also experience this issue and, if yes, how did you fix this ?

Thank you.
Big Papa Ours

Have you checked your Content Manager and Marketplace and make sure the World Update Japan is claimed and installed?

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Hi Neo

Sure I did. This is the first thing I have checked.


Is manual cache now working? I thought it was broken.

Ooops, eventhough the package is installed in the market place, looks like there are update missing in the content manager.

Thank you for the tip ! I am downloading all updates and I come back to give a status when it’s done.

Thank again Neo.

Yes it works !
And it is very helpful !


I confirm everything is back to normal !
Thanks for your help Neo4316.

(…still wondering why we do not receive alerts when ingame updates are available …)

I know right… we already have a notification system on the top left corner. We get it when we finished installing the updates. But why couldn’t we get the same notification for “available updates”. But I hope those notification only applies to installed contents. I deliberately remove all aircraft except for the A320 and the unremovable TBM and Cessna 152. And I don’t want notifications to keep reminding me there’s 100 content available to download. I deliberately remove them for a reason, I don’t want to be reminded of it every single time.

Closed, as issue was marked solved by op.