No Mount Rushmore?

You can spice up Utrecht a bit: Discover Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-Ons |

I did the same with Rotterdam :slight_smile:

Well Gerard, Apeldoorn hiero :wink:

i’ve actually visited Mt Rushmore in real life and it was kinda odd. Just before i got there, i saw nice rockformations and decided i needed to take a break “before i got there” anyways…

Take a couple of pictures and all of a sudden, i notice George Washington looking the other way…

Yeah, i’d wish for that amount of detail to be in Flightsim, but until then, i guess the Scenery that Waterlattice pointed to will have to do. The actual spot is much nicer in real life though. Just make sure you get yourself a parks-pass for about 80$ if you are actually thinking of heading over there. Entry usually is 30$ per park, and if you really plan it, you’ll find you’ll enter more than 3.

Hope the pics healed the wounds a bit m8!



PS: Thanks for that map, Pieter1982NL


In 93/94 I was a visiting professor at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. Went camping at Custer State Park and visited Mt. Rushmore which at that time was free to visit. Incredible. Better even was Crazy Horse. I’ve been there a couple of times on holiday a couple of years later. So great memories. Thanks for the freeware addons. Gonna find out now how to install that.

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Thanks. I got it. Looks much better!

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Hey @ReddishDrip7,

Your wish is a modders command:

just noticed this one pop up on the radar!

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The great landmark is not modeled at all, save yourself a flight to it.


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