No Mount Rushmore?

Flew around the black hills and decided to go find Mt. Rushmore… I found it, but it’s not carved yet… Guess I found a time warp.
I could have sworn it was in older versions of FS though.


I was reading about this on r/microsoftflightsim earlier - sounds like the previous FS versions utilized the same base landscaping files and just updated things. With this version, however, they started from scratch - so there aren’t any legacy landscape details anymore.

I’m guessing we’ll see Mt. Rushmore in a 3rd party add-on in the future.

The Washington Monument in DC is a skyscraper. I am taking a guess that it’s the algorithm they use to transpose the 2D satellite image into 3D. Most monuments and bridges are horked currently. They’ll probably, hopefully, fix it in the near future. I was wondering the same thing, I just haven’t been out there to check it out yet.

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Stonehenge is 2D - but the surrounding area was wonderful to fly in.

Speaking of bridges, I was flying over an interstate, and saw cars are driving up and over the overpasses instead of going under them.


thanks for sharing

This was one of the first things I checked out as well, and was extremely disappointed. I really feel like they should’ve dedicated more resources to adding more landmarks worldwide before releasing.

If you think Mt Rushmore is bad… don’t even try to check out Niagra Falls… The Hoover Dam is OK… but it’s autogenerated and could definitely be improved.

Yeah, I just flew over it and was pretty disappointed. Hopefully, in a few months, a bunch of things will be cleaned up and fixed. I’m still very happy with the saim though.

I flew around Mt Rushmore today and honestly I thought that a national monument like that should be represented, In any way nice to have found the rock at sight.

By the way is it possible construct a flight plan into the game? Or it is possible only to import one?

Have a nice day to you all.


No Mt. Rushmore (ok, the mountain is there),
No Washington monument,
No Hoover Dam (boy, can’t remember how often I visited this landmark in FS-X, and no it is not ok!),
No Niagara falls (visited them even more times than I can remember),
No Stonehenge,

Well, this “AI”, every “AI” in particular, is nothing more than just pattern recognition!!

We have been tricked by marketing lies!

Yeah, the presidential carvings are indeed missing from Mount Rushmore. You can see proper roads, the parking facilities, and the visitors complexes and amphitheater seating, however. Hopefully we can see some updated renderings of this location soon!

There is a new nexus mod that has a 3d Stonehenge. :slight_smile:

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NPCs… they cannot meme.

I tried flying to Nt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial in South Dakota. I copied the coordinates from Bing maps. Flew out of Rapid City AFB with the Cessna 152. There was hardly anything to see. Ik realise it is easily missed for a beginner simpilot as I am. Did I miss something? I would expect Rushmore to be one of the main POI’s
Being Dutch, born and raised in the city of Utrecht, I wanted to see Utrecht from above, especially the famous DOM tower. Same procedure, flew out of EHLE, Lelystad airport. Same disappointing result. No DOM and the scenery is not realistic at all.

Graphic settings are high, new gaming computer.



The world is big. Very big. You can’t expect them to nail all landmarks.

Go to the photogrammetry cities for great detail. (Barcelona, Seattle, etc)

Have a look at this map to see where they have photogrammetry. World updates will follow to expand this, with the most recent addition: Japan.


There are many freeware developers filling in the gaps. Mount Rushmore is available here:

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Thanks for the reply and the link to the map. I understand not everything can be modeled in a short time of course, though the marketing suggested ‘the whole world was modelled’. Plenty to see and plenty to learn anyway. Happy with fs2020.


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Yes, plenty of freeware stuff available.

You beat me to the post about Mt Rushmore.