No POI on map on Bush trips

In the Bush trips after the update no POI are shown on the man only in NAV log Also the last digit numbers on the FD panel are not shown. It should be POI 12 to POI 13

Please log this in zendesk tickets, then it will be likely addressed. This has already been made a topic on here.

OK but unfortunately I can not make a ticket in zendesk as it is too complicated for me with all the PC talk.

Also in most Bush trips the next POI is not shown but a strange destination.

There seems to be a solution to POIs disappearing after the first leg of a bush trip. When you finish each leg of a bush trip you MUST now return to the main menu in order to save the leg properly. Do not choose to go straight to the next leg or back to the bush flight menu as it will not update your progress properly and the POIs will be wrong when you next fly.

Another problem with Bush Trips after the update is that the arrow indication of the GPS in the FD is different than the outside view . Even the picture of the arrival airport in the NAV Log is not showned.

So with this update they messed ALL the Bush Trips

It’s part of the same problem. The progress is not being saved properly at the end of each leg unless you quit back to the main menu and even that does not always seem to work.
But you are correct, until Asobo fix this problem, all bush trips are broken, even their own.

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Yes it does not really work. and as you said even their own Bush Trips are not really working. This update messed up a lot of things. After the Fix I dont get CTD but other things are not as good as before the update.

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