No Premium Content

Hey Good afternoon !!! i bought the fs2020 in the last full version and i am not able to use the 30 aircraft, so i can use 20 aircraft, i tried to download it through the content manager, it downloads it and even so the aircraft does not appear in the hangar !!! I would like you to solve it for me or see what is happening

Hi @enricoedudu,
Are you still unable to download the premium content?

I have a similar issue: Paid content in the marketplace cannot get installed, even if they are successfully downloaded and extracted. I can find the package folder with extracted files in the OneStore folder, but the package is listed as NOT INSTALLED in the content manager WITHOUT a download button. I can download it again after relaunching the sim but still cannot get it installed. I have succeeded in installing paid packages occasionally but they get UNINSTALLED randomly. This happened to the Aerosoft CRJ and some sceneries but not to the free content by Asobo. I cant test more paid content because refund is impossible.
I’m using the Windows Store version with XGPU. I guess its a licensing issue. Tried empty Community folder/delete downloaded package/disable rolling cache/sign out XBOX Live account and sign back in/VPN/restart PC/try again later. Nothing helped.


the only solution I found was to format the computer and download the simulator all over again