No procedures loaded in the gps database

Anyone else experiencing this? I can get “direct to” airports but no approach, arrival, or departure procedures are in the database. Go to select approach with an airport activated and, nothing. Oh yea, the weather is terrible if you want to shoot LIFR ILS approaches. Can’t adjust visibilities to less than 1 mile approx and cant lower ceilings down to less than 3K FT. This sim is kind of useless if you bought it for IFR in IMC flying.

It’s hit and miss for me. Some airports have no data, but others do, and it seems to take a long time for the flight plan to load. Maybe the sim is going out over the network for this data, and it’s afflicted with the same issues as other live services?

If you’re doing GPS-direct, it’s currently Only listed As a VFR flight, and you won’t get any IFR approaches listed. (Semi realistic in U.S. since we have very few GPS direct to airport “Q” and “T” Routes. If your destination is IMC you can request an IFR Flight plan and approach while airborne.
As far as ceilings, I routinely set up flights to minimums (normally I set 200 AGL for GA flying to ILS). Those work fine and I pop out just at the mins. Not sure why yours doesn’t seem to go below 3000. Setting visibility minimum is harder to get right, but putting in heavy precipitation and high aerosol density (or whatever they currently call it) gets a reasonable approximation.

I’d love to know how you get the ceilings down to 200 agl. I can set them on ground level then go into the sim and they are at 4000 ft.

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I shut the sim down earlier today due to multiple issues with the AP, garmin screens, loss of buttons, etc. I’ll try and get back in tomorrow and see if my custom wx setup survived the patch. Don’t remember it being hard to set up, other than playing around with “scatter” setting after dragging the cloud level down. The lower level kept wanting to wander around by a few hundred feet. I started with the standard rain preset, not the next one down (thunderstorm??) because it gave me other problems. I’ll check specific settings and get back to you. Regards

Make sure you don’t have “live players” or “live weather” selected, thenstart with the “rain” preset, then hit “customize, in settings make sure you select AGL for altitude calculation. Set aerosol density to 15, precipitation to 9, (I use lightening to 18 but use whatever you like). Click on first cloud Icon, set coverage To 100, scatter to “2”, altitude top to whatever you want and altitude bottom to 200. Save the file As a new name, then select that Name from the preset listing whenever you want.