No prompt after clicking Save Scenery

Like the captain of the Titanic once said, “I’m almost there”.
Sucessfully managed to inport my blender model, tried to position it but could not disable height lock

and save scenery would not bring up directory prompt.

Has anyone ran into this and found a solution.

Undock the properties window

If you want to dock It use the Project editor group, not the scenery editor :wink:

If you have some spare time this Is an upadated tutorial

Great tutorial. Thanks

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is that water your placing it on might be because of that why it won’t work or have you tried in other positions.

Hard to tell but looks like you haven’t placed the object in blender on the level with blender floor.
like this.

Not sure if it makes any difference with it snapping to the floor or not but it will place it at the bottom of that clear box in the flightsim as in the sim snap to ground just snaps the bottom of that box.