No pushback option after SU11

Has anyone else lost the option for pushback, I’m not talking about where ATC says no pushback tug is available, I mean there is no longer an option to request pushback and I am starting from gate where previously there was pushback available. I click ground services and the only option that comes up now is back to clearance.
Shift and P still works though so it’s not all bad.

Sometimes this happens with 3rd party scenery adding airport services which break airport services for all airports. Have you by any chance recently updated or installed a new airport which also has a “AirportServices” folder? If so you could try uninstalling that and see if services return.

(I am having no issues with ground service availability after SU11)

The only 3rd party airport I have is my local airport from Orbx and there was no problem before SU11 maybe I am missing some files after I uninstalled MSFS as it would not update SU11 I had a heck of a problem trying to reinstall it but its done now. I do have some other 3rd part scenery mods, I will remove them and see what it does but if it turns out that’s the issue I’ll make do with no pushback as I would rather keep my scenery mods.

Im getting the same issue, did you happen to find a solution? If so, wat add on was causing the conflict?

I haven’t found a solution to this it might be down to scenery mods but I am not removing them for the sake of seeing a pushback truck, Funny thing is I still get some of the airport services, just not pushback.

■■■■!! Looks like im doin em 1 by 1 then. If i track it down ill let u kno. After a quick look nearly all payware has airport services so could take a while sigh

If u dont have much in comm folder, are u able to screenshot it and i’ll see if i have any matches, and start there?

I actually only have one payware airport add on, my local airport EGHI, it’s strange becuase I am sure I am missing some files with that as some of the sceneery sems to have reverted to default since I uninstalled and reinstalled the sim, I need to contact Orbx about that just in case I am imagining scenery objects that were never their in the first place! I do have a few scenery mods but they are mostly local to me.
The only other airport mods I have in my community folder at the moment are for Jersey, (EGJJ) Guernsey (EGJB) Alderney (EGJA) and Brecqhou (EGBJ) and Bournemouth (EGHH)

i dont have any of those… i definitely wish my community folder looked like yours rn though :joy:

i currently have 619 items in my CF

this gonna be a long day… might just buy GSX pro, so i dont have to deal with it haha

I have more in the way of aircraft in my community folder, i don’t they would affect the ground handling at airports though.
I moved them all to a back up folder before i uninstalled it, the only real big thing I did different is when I re installed it I put it on another drive to where it was originally as I have more space on that drive could that have something to do with it?
It’s more puzzling to me rather than a big issue, I can still pushback using shift and p.
At least I know I am not the only person this has affected, but we can’t be the only 2!
If you do find out the issue please let me know!

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well i just removed 168 sceneries, and it must of been somewhere in there, cuz i got the Ground services back!! I think my issue is slightly different to you, as i didnt have any ground crew spawn around the jet, so shift+P obv didnt work either, and ATC would just say, “no pushback tug is available”. Now i’ll just add them in slowly, try find it, cheers for the help !

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Cheers glad you found out what the issue was, for you at least, I don’t really have much scenery so I am going to try removing mine just to see if it makes a difference.

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Since ur services show up, maybe its an ATC issue. You dont have that ATC phraseolgy mod installed do you?

I don’t, didn’t know there was such a mod, all I can think of is that somehow I am missing some files when I re installed it. Mind you, I have not used pushback services for quite a while as I mostly fly GA stuff so don’t usually require it, maybe the option has been missing for quite some time and I just haven’t noticed.

You can actually delete folders from your install and when u start the sim next time, it works out whats missing and ask you to update, then redownloads them, without having to do full reinstall. Try at ur own risk haha… i mean, its worked everytime ive done it, but ya kno

Heres that mod also, guess u could try that too (uses a batchfile but is reversable by running it again)

On my setup its the justflight-airport-kszp-santapaula scenery that blocks all ground equipment worldwide.

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can confirm. Justflight Santa Paula disappeares all ground services :frowning: