No pushback tug and airport workers

Since yesterday, I don’t know what I’ve changed, that I can’t see any pushback tug or airport workers. I saw both yesterday.
Does anyone know what file may be changed that this problem I encounter?
Many thanks for your help.

Maybe double check your setting again, as after my update everything got changed without me doing anything, so manually changed them all back to what they were.

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Hi. thank you for your reponse. I’ve checked everything and everything is like yesterday.

Since I fly General Aviation aircraft it’s very nice not to have a pushback for light aircraft, so I’m quite happy no seeing that pushback trolley and the silly driver.

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Yes! but if we want to fly an Airbus, we need a pushback tug (although with Shift + P we can do the pushback!).

General settings, hit traffic and make sure that’s all on. Also check airport vehicle traffic density settings? Sometimes little things get reset on updates. As for manual pushback you could be like pilots in the 70s and reverse thrust to back up hahaha.


Thanks for your advise. Yes. I’ve checked everything a couple of times. It’s strange, I don’t know what I’ve changed since yesterday. With Reverse Thrust is also a good solution, but afterwards I lose my flight license! :slight_smile:

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I will look into your issue and see what I can do to replicate it. Do you have all the latest updates installed? Do you have any third party addons in your community folder from a previous updated version? Try to spit out as many weird little details as you can, that’s usually where the problems get identified. Also what airport?

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You need to make sure you spawn at the right parking type.

There are multiple different types of parking types and they need to match with the appropriate aircraft type as well. If you’re flying on the Airbus, You will only get pushback tug when you spawn into Gate Heavy/Medium/Small, or Ramp GA Large/Medium. If you spawn on Ramp GA Small, you won’t get the pushback tug.

Same goes with other ground service vehicles, If you spawn on GA Ramp Medium, you would only get Ground Power Unit and Baggage. You won’t get Catering, or Stairs. On GA Ramp Small, you only get Ground Power Unit, and nothing else.


I think his issue is he’s not seeing any ground crew at all. GA or Airline

Hi, Recently I had the same problem. In my case it was a addon airport wich I downloaded that was causing the problem. Emtpy your community folder and see if it did the trick.

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I noticed that (nothing moving at the airports) when I spawned last, but then realized that I had the AIG Live Traffic addon, which asks users to change their settings.

It’s getting to where we need a checklist before we even get in the planes!

I thank all friends in this forum that they wanted to help me.
Something strange happened:
After turning my computer off and on and starting MSFS 2020, I had to update the flight simulator!
I thought that Microsoft had released a patch but I knew no patch or update would be released in these days.
The program is reinstalled like an update and what I checked at the beginning that was the tug and airport workers that all was there.
Tonight, I’m checking everything that has to do with flying and if I experiment something new I write here, maybe it will be useful for someone.
Thanks again for your kind help.

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After many trials and errors I found the reason for invisible tug and airport workers! That’s incredible:
Aerosoft Mehamn Airport Scenery that I bought and installed yesterday!


Closing as issue resolved by OP.