No pushback tug, what can I do?

Just started at a gate and no push back tug was available , what can I do ?

Use reverse after engine start if you got some

It’s a game, no Real consequences :wink:

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Shift-p might still work even without push back services - unable to check at the moment and have not used this method in a while, may have changed.

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You can fine tune aircraft position in Slew mode too.

Shift p will do it

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At the same time press SHIFT P or download the best addon ever > Toolbar Pushback » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Questions to the community are best asked in Community Support. I moved your question there.

I have forgotten to Say that i am on Xbox, so shift +p doesn’t mean anything for me .

That’s why i use reverse solution in that case

Ah…that’s not going to help then is it. Sorry bud.



Got a chatpad for your XBox controller? You can use the Keyboard side of the Control Options if you get one and add whatever commands you want.

Other than that, maybe use the radio to call up Ground Services (if available at that airport) to get a pushback tug sent to you.


This is how I do it! Works for me. If you don’t have a chatpad… get one! Otherwise, try plugging a USB keyboard into one of the ports on the X-box. While you’re at it, plug a mouse in too. I use a mouse on X-box, and it’s a godsend!

That’s the problem… for me too: if you do that, the answer from ATC is “no pushback tug available”. :thinking: