No right turn on floats

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Yes, but I found this on a vanilla reinstall

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Floatplane (C172 in this case) will not steer right on water

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Land on water and try to taxi

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i7 8700 / nVidia 3090 - 24 GB Vram / 32 GB DRAM

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Not yet.

Maybe it’s me. I did a random water landing. Shoreline to my left. Wheels were up. I wanted to taxi away to continue flight. No Go. Left turn only as if I was already dragging a float on the seabed. Wheels down, left turn and transit to dry land was good so I went uo, turned around and drove backe into water. No right turn.

Checked water rudder settings - all correct as per POH/sim settings.

My experience is that when I want to turn right I idle the prop I turn right but not to much then rev the prop again. It doesnt feel right but it seems to work here.

! WATER We NEED water rudders that ! WORK

It’s a known issue. It’s called the Zoolander bug

I call it blooming frustrating !