No sample and document folder in SDK, and I cannot download them

Hi guys, I am starting to watch this tutorial about the SDK
SDK Tutorial #1 - How to install and get started - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube
It mentions the carrabian airport sample, but when I look inside my SDK folder, there is no sample folder and document folder

So I googled the situation and find this solution

However, the problem is not solved

Either when I click SDK Installeer (Core), or click the samples->sample button, there is no response from FS2020 or any application. It is a nightmare.

I want to know how to deal with this

Try finding some more recent tutorials, that one is old now and the SDK has been changed since then so its not much use anyway.

So I guess the developing team has taken down the sample file’s server?

Yes I think so, you have to produce your own now. I would recommend this tutorial on YouTube. Please note that I found the thumbnail is now mandatory, not optional otherwise the scenery wont compile.

I followed along and typed out the instructions so I can refer to them as required. It just makes it a bit easier.

1 MSFS 2020 Scenery tutorial - Building your first SDK package for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - YouTube

Thanks for the information. It looks like lots of example content is out of date and a lot of stuff is still buggy.
I still struggle to find a pipeline for custom mesh importing. I checked the document and after that I go for flightsim menu and material in 3DSMAX but I cannot find them.

Cannot help with that I am afraid, its not something I have ever done. You could try contacting Federico Pinotti on YouTube, he is a very clever freeware developer and he may well know how to help.