No shallow waters as shown in the trailers

After checking all possible ultra-settings, weather and time of the day settings, internet connection speed etc. . There is no way for me to see anywhere in the world the beautiful shallow waters or reefs shown in most of the trailers.

How is it possible to continue with these misleading trailers, if this cannot be seen in the sim?

Even on Bing maps satellite imagery you can see these shallow beautiful waters, Tonga, Philippines, Bora Bora, Bahamas etc. etc. but not in the sim, even though the source data are in Bing.

This is not related to bathymetry data or to the tides as I have read in some blogs.

The shores and nearby waters are a very high percentage of planet earth and it is disappointing not to see them as shown in the trailers, especially when bush flying there gives you the highest FPS and performances.

Hope this bug is corrected soon. At least if not with the exact bathymetry, just with the satellite imagery already available when available. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but at least visible.

The rest of the sea looks great to me.

This item was delivered in World Update 3.