No sound in VR with Quest 2

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The sound comes from the headset and the computer speakers while not in “VR mode” but as soon as VR mode is activated, the headset sound stops. It would be nice to be able to set the audio output independently in settings of the game
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Activate VR mode with a Quest 2 connected with Link cable to PC
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1080ti, 5600x, 32gb 4000mhz ram,
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Did you choose the Oculus headphone option in the windows taskbar by clicking on the little speaker button? You’ll need to do this before starting the game.

Yes, but that is annoying to switch output devices back and forth. It should be an in game option. Or possibly just work as every other game does rather than completely not work. I have my Oculus mirror sound back to the PC and any PC sound back to the Oculus but MSFS is the only game that actually breaks this.

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