No Southwest Airlines liveries on the Marketplace?

Why’s the Xbox Marketplace lacking on Southwest Airlines liveries?

There’s only one and it’s the Sea World edition from DreamScenery.

Captain Sim used to have the Standard Blue one, but it was only on his, now removed, (along with most everything CS) 737. I want to know the story behind that.

There’s more than enough Lufthansa, American, United, etc.

Is Southwest putting throwing down the gauntlet or something?

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Southwest doesn’t actually have any A320s since their fleet is all 737s, a Southwest livery on anything other than a 737 looks out of place to most of us. The creators of these livery packs seem like they try to mostly stick to making liveries that exist in real life or are remotely realistic.

That…actually makes perfect sense as to why. :laughing: Although, a bit disappointing.

I’m on Xbox and we don’t have any 737’s at all. :pensive:

I’m also on Xbox. They’re working on adding support for WASM, which means we could get some of the PC third party aircraft such as the PMDG 737.

My only concern is that the more advanced aircraft like PMDG’s 737 are going to exacerbate the stability issues on Xbox. I already can’t load in to a flight with LVFR’s A321neo at a busy airport without a CTD 100% of the time. The sim should handle the LVFR A321neo way better than something like the 737.

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We have actually, the Bredok one which includes Southwest. But it’s not a very good aircraft, so be very careful with that one.


Almost forgot about that one. From what I’ve heard, you’re understanding how worthless that addon is though.

LOL. I’ve never even once considered buying any of the “Terrible Three”. Especially, “Borked” as I like to call him. :laughing:

Recently, I’ve noticed even Captain Sim’s products have disappeared from the Marketplace.

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What’s the terrible three, and why?

Captain Sim: Basically just reskins existing models as different aircraft and charges double digits. For instance, his Boeing “777” has the flight model of the default Asobo 747. Has a ~$30 asking price. Also well known for selling a C-130 that has a missing cockpit.

Bredok3D: Reskinned an F-18 as an F-22 and wants $30 for it. Doesn’t put much effort into his products, but is slightly better than Captain Sim.

Deimos: Definitely a “get what you pay for” type deal, especially with his SU-57 only being $8.

Folks, this isn’t a thread to review other manufacturers, please stay On-Topic. Thanks.

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You can close the thread. Question has been answered.

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